Do you own a home? Are you thinking of buying or selling property in the near future? One of the first steps is to have your Oshawa home properly evaluated.
We provide quality and reliable home evaluation for your Oshawa homes and properties at no cost to you. There are many websites showing inaccurate and incomplete information regarding the home values of your neighborhood. These websites take their information from listing data from many properties, which could mean nothing but the best guesses. Local real estate agents are the only ones who have access to selling price information of homes in your neighborhood and similar properties. Homes in one Oshawa neighborhood can be different from each other, which does impact the property evaluation.
Many people use various online tools to get an estimate. However, an online tool is just a collection of algorithms, guesses, and incorrect public information. Hence, many people are given the wrong numbers. These tools are unreliable. Call Derek Hooper, your local friend experienced realtor in Oshawa. He will provide you with an authentic analysis of your property worth. Along with the evaluation, he also provides great tips on how to maximize your return from your property.
He has been serving the Oshawa residents (both new and old) with all their real estate needs for more than a decade. He has intimate knowledge of various Oshawa neighborhoods and all other local municipalities around it.
With the rising prices in the East side of GTA, many people are moving towards the Durham region. Oshawa is one of the more popular cities in this region. There are many parks, cinemas, malls, and great schools. There are equipped hospitals and universities and colleges too. The Durham region offers events and activities for all members of your family.
Many people have become happy homeowners in Oshawa. They enjoy the bigger space and greener area around them with their families. Some people are looking to move to various areas of the Durham region. They are thinking about selling their home in the near future. If you are one of those people, call or text us and we will help you establish your real home in Oshawa. Many online tools and realtors overestimate the value of the home (just to get the approval and business of the homeowners). I am honest in our business and we offer real-life home evaluation for your homes in Oshawa.
Along with providing free home evaluations in Oshawa, I also offer expert tips and advice on how to improve your rate of return on your investment. Your home is an asset and you can improve your profit by making cost-effective and right home improvement decisions. These tips include making aesthetic improvements around the house, such as new paint, getting rid of excess furniture and cleaning up your front and backyard. When a potential home buyer comes and looks inside your home and if they can see themselves there too, then you will have a profitable sale!
I offer a free evaluation, expert advice, and best real estate services in Oshawa. The commission rates are some of the lowest in the Durham region. As a homeowner, you will enjoy better savings and more money in your pocket at the end of the transaction. With our competitive services, I offer excellent pictures and high-quality online video tours of your home. MY proven marketing strategy allows you to enjoy maximum exposure to the highest number of potential home buyers.MY team of experts is on your team!
So, while negotiating, we keep you and your family in mind. You have an emotional connection with the house and we make sure you get the best deal out of it. Your house is an asset and we treat it so!
Also, I offer complete real estate services for home buyers. If you are looking to buy a home in the Durham region we offer comprehensive knowledge of various cities, towns, and municipalities. I will find you a home that is perfectly suited to your lifestyle and budget. There are many houses for sale in the Oshawaregions at great prices. You can buy a larger home for a much cheaper price than on the West side of the GTA. Home in the Durham region is proving to be a great investment opportunity for the coming ten years. They are offering a higher rate of return to their owners. These properties are also excellent options as a secondary rental income option. Many people are looking to move out of Toronto and move to a quieter area. So the rental market is steadily growing in Oshawa and surrounding areas.
Are you a homeowner in Oshawa or Durham region? Are you looking to sell your home in Oshawa? Are you wondering how much your home is worth? Contact me today and a free expert home evaluation in Oshawa will give you the exact answer.


Are you a homeowner planning or thinking about selling your home in Oshawa? Are you a first-time buyer planning to buy a home in Oshawa? If yes, Derek Hooper at Real Property One has experience and listings to answer all your real estate questions.
Currently, there are many homes listed for sale on MLS Oshawa. Real Property One has access to MLS listings of Oshawa something that suits all budgets and needs of our clients. Derek Hooper has been serving the Durham region for more than a decade. Born and raised in this region, I know various neighborhoods and their amenities. There are growing families who are looking to settle around the highest rated schools by Fraser Institute. Clara Hughes Public School scored highest among all public schools in Oshawa. I have MLS listings which are in the same neighborhood as top-rated schools in Oshawa.
Many commuters who are looking for affordable housing options in GTA are looking to relocate in Oshawa. Many of these young professionals are looking for a place close to GO station and affordable and modern condos and homes. These condos are run by efficient management teams which help you to enjoy a relaxed and worry-free lifestyle.
Why Choose Me?
With a proven record of providing exceptional customer service, I am one of the top realtors of Durham region. I have been selling up to 50 houses a year. My clients have been extremely satisfied with my realtor's services. I am honest and upfront with my clients. I have never pressured my clients to buy over their budget. I am also a professional and family man. I understand the needs of my clients and do my best to meet and exceed the expectations of all my clients.
For homeowners looking to sell their homes in Oshawa, I only charge 1% commission for all the sales. You get more done at less cost! I provide full MLS services, including listings on MLS database. I also post-professional taken and processed photos and videos of the house with the MLS listing of your home in Oshawa. I also provide the virtual tour feature on the MLS listing.  I only charge 1% commission but provide complete marketing and realtor services for my clients.
Along with MLS listings, I also promote your home on a variety of social media platforms. For added visibility for my clients, I post your home for sale in Oshawa ad on Facebook groups and Kijiji. For extra visibility, I also post all my listings as “featured listings” point2homes. The combined pool of various marketing channels provides visibility to a wide range of potential buyers. Since I charge 1% commission, you get to keep your hard-earned equity in your pocket.
For the first time, a home buyer, I offered special consulting services. As a first time home buyer, you are eligible for various rebates from federal and provincial governments. I offer my extensive knowledge of the Durham region to people moving here from other cities. I help home buyers look for a great home and ease their worries about being the process of buying a home. My realtor experience on your side will help you shortlist homes which perfectly match your lifestyle and budget. I have access to MLS listings homes for sale in Oshawa which will start your home search at the right track. I will help you secure a pre-approval so there are no surprises at the time of closing of the house. I am very honest about all the costs involved during a home purchase. I will put a timely offer on the home you loved and help you negotiate a deal which is in your best interest. As a first-time buyer, it is highly recommended to have an experienced realtor on your side. I will make the daunting process of buying your own home a seamless transaction and transition for you and your family.
For renters looking to rent a home in Oshawa, I have MLS listings for homes for rent or lease in Oshawa. For renters, I offer my services free of charge. I help them secure a great home at a great price as compared to other cities around GTA.
If you have been exploring MLS and you want to discuss any specific Oshawa MLS listing, call me today!


My name is Derek Hooper and I am a resident of Durham  region for over 49 years. I know this area and can provide you in depth knowledge of communities and amenities as per your lifestyle. I have been a top choice realtor for new and local residents of Oshawa.

For sellers, I provide my experienced and professional realtor services for only 1% commission. Yes, you read that correctly! I only charge 1% commission for the complete real estate sellers package. With great selling prices, you can save a lot of cash! Many Oshawa realtors charge double in commission. I will provide you with the same services for only 1% commission.

For Sellers:

Before listing your property on MLS and I will do a through walk through with you. During this process, I will offer great staging advice and recommend fixes so you can enjoy the highest return on your property.

During my walk through I will happily and honestly answer all your questions regarding the selling process and my services. I will also show you my “Top Dollar-Low Commission Service Plan”.This will show you the money you will save when you hire me as your selling representative. During my walk through I will also show you current and similar properties listed and their selling prices. This will allow you to understand and decide about your listing price. You can also decide about renovations and fixes to your property to get a better return on your investment. As your realtor, I will be with you every step of the way to help you sell your home in a fast and efficient way.

These days, many buyers are also hiring buying agents for themselves. During this situation you will still be paying me the same 1% commission but there will be an additional cost of commission paid to the buying agent. To reduce this additional expense, I will do my best to bring you a buyer. 

Over the course of 15 years of selling experience, I have developed one of the best marketing plan to sell your home faster and with the best price. With the power of print and digital advertising, I ensure your listed property gets the maximum exposure among house hunters. Over the last 15 years, I have gained trust and following hundreds of clients on social media, listings posted on various online sites help your property receive many online “likes and clicks”. As your agent, I will answer all online queries about your listed property. After your property is listed on MLS and, I will also stage open houses. During these open houses, I offer high-quality printed flyers and answer all the questions of prospective buyers.

These days, most of the properties listed on MLS get multiple offers with varying conditions. I will guide you to choose the best offer for you and your family. For sellers who are looking to buy another property, I will help you buy another home in your selected area. I will work my best to streamline both transactions so you can enjoy a smooth transition from one home to another.

For buyers looking to settle down in the Durham region, I offer the best knowledge of school ratings, amenities of the communities, bus stops and safety ratings of the neighborhoods. I have been raising my family here and can help you settle down.

When I represent you as either your buying or selling agent, I am present to help you answer all your questions. For your repairs, legal and financial needs, I can refer you to some of the best people in Oshawa. With my reference, they will offer you competitive rates and excellent service. 


Top Rated Real Estate Agents in Oshawa

Many people have considered selling their homes to enjoy a significant return in the current sellers-market. A real estate agent will help you get the highest profit when you are selling your home or investment property.
Oshawa is also enjoying a surge in property values, like all the other cities around Toronto. Home owners are enjoying growth in their home equities and investment values. Real estate agents are working harder to help people earn greater profits from these deals.

Real estate agents in Oshawa are constantly being contacted by home owners looking to sell their property. They want to know about the market value of their homes and the average selling price of properties around their neighborhood. These days it is common to see multiple “for sale” signs on a street. People are buying properties within weeks of being listed. Sellers are getting their selling price.

Locals realtors in Oshawa know about the city and its neighborhoods. They know child-safe friendly areas which have good schools, day care and parks- all amenities for a growing family. Real estate agents in Oshawa They also have listings of condos which are preferred by professionals and busy individuals. Also, realtors can help  you look for furnished homes and close the deal quickly without too many disruptions in your busy schedule.

Many people would ask why hire a realtor when there are so many people listing their houses by themselves? The answer is simple, you cannot replace the experience a realtor has gained while working in this market. They have worked and will help you weed out any bad deals which might sound tempting, but the results can be disastrous.

An honest and friendly real estate agent  will provide you with information, answer your questions honestly and will help you look and decide at the properties based on your budget and goals of your life. They will help you get ahead financially. Buying or selling a house is a significant step in your life. Get some advice from a professional before going through this step. You will be glad you did!

For more information about properties listed in Oshawa or to list your home for sale call now!