5 Costly Mistakes Sellers Make

Mistake #1

Not knowing what the market pricing is in your neighbourhood.

Pricing of your home involves a lot of variables and what a home sold for last year, and sometimes even last month, is not a price the market will bear. Have a professional home evaluation will ensure that your home is priced properly according to current market conditions. As an experienced real estate professional, Derek Hooper can guide you to a successful and profitable home sale.

Mistake #2

Not knowing who the agent represents.

Unless an agent is working as the buyer representative, they represent the seller. Many people don't realize this.

Mistake #3

Understanding your mortgage fees.

Talk to your mortgage professional, you may be able to transfer your existing mortgage to your new home purchase, saving you thousands of dollars.

Mistake #4

Not finding problems with the home before selling it.

You should always have a professional inspector look at the home before selling it. Finding issues that may be exposed when the purchaser has a home inspection could cost you thousands of dollars in a negotiated lower price. Don't be caught off guard by small fixable things that will cost you a lot of money.

Mistake #5

Not understanding how their credit can impact their ability to purchase or refinance a home.

Get a mortgage professional to help you go over and prepare your credit file before you buy your next home.